Runway Light Restoration

Thank you very much to Steve Harris who has done a fantastic job on restoring two of the original runway lights. See below for Steve’s account of the restoration project. {vsig}galleries/runway-lights{/vsig} {vsig_c}0|pic1.jpg|Oval Light Top – Before|{/vsig_c} {vsig_c}0|pic2.jpg|Oval Light Bottom – Before|{/vsig_c} {vsig_c}0|pic3.jpg|Round Light Bottom – Before|{/vsig_c} {vsig_c}0|pic4.jpg|Oval Light – Dismantled|{/vsig_c} {vsig_c}0|pic5.jpg|Oval Light Top – After|{/vsig_c} […]

World War 1

RNAS Milton World War One

It was in August 1915 that the first steps were taken to establish the Royal Naval Air Station known as Milton and sometimes Pembroke. Two hundred and ninety eight acres were acquired to the south of Sageston and the A477, with the main road to Tenby forming the eastern boundary. Two corrugated iron hangers were […]