Harries, Thomas

Thomas Harries, Private, 36255, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. 

Thomas was the son of John and Sarah Harries, of Little Freestone, Cresselly, Pembroke..
He enlisted at Cardiff into the Army, and joined the 2nd Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, which was part of the 232 Brigade, 75th Division. 
The Division served in Egypt and Palestine, taking part in the Third Battle of Gaza (in which the Division played a part in the Capture of Gaza). 
They then fought at the Capture of Junction Station, the Battle of Nabi Samweil, the Battle of Tell’Asur, the Battle of Berukin, and the Battles of Megiddo (in which the Division took part in the Capture of Sharon). They remained in Palestine for the duration of the war.

Thomas was one of a batch of reinforcements for the Division, and had sailed on board the Transport Ship Transylvania, bound for the Middle East. On 4 May 1917 the Transylvania was torpedoed and sank with the loss of more than 400 lives, one of whom was the 36 year old Thomas.
He is commemorated on the Savona Memorial, Italy.

Thomas is also commemorated on his parents’ headstone in Pisgah churchyard.

 Thomas Harries, Private