Hawkes, Corlis St. Leger

Corlis St. Leger Hawkes, Pilot Officer, 128712, RAF Volunteer Reserve.

Corlis was the son of Son of Lt.-Col. Corliss St. Leger Gillman Hawkes and Eleanor Muriel Hawkes, of Milton, Pembrokeshire. He was a Pilot with 267 Squadron, Royal Air Force, which had reformed in August 1940 from the Communications Unit, Heliopolis, for local transport duties in Egypt.
The Squadron used a variety of types of aircraft for transporting passengers, mail and freight between Egypt and outlying bases. Larger aircraft were acquired by the end of 1941 and by August 1942, operations extended throughout the Mediterranean area. Its role included the movement of personnel and equipment, casualty evacuation and occasional supply-dropping missions to guerrilla bands in Italy and the Balkans.
Corlis was killed in Greece on 22 August 1942 aged only 21, and is buried at Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt.