“Casualty” star visits Carew Cheriton Control Tower

Tenby born, Charles Dale, who plays the likeable “Big Mac” in BBC’s long-running hospital drama, “Casualty” visited Carew Cheriton Control Tower recently to film a new BBC TV programme that will be broadcast later this autumn.

Charles, who also provided the “voice-over” for the popular “Tenby 24/7” TV series said as a youngster he remembered going to Carew Airfield to learn to drive on the disused Second War World runways.

John Brock MBE, President of Carew Cheriton Control Tower Group, said “since volunteers renovated the Control Tower Carew Cheriton and turned it into a “living history” museum film and TV companies have been keen to use the authentic wartime rooms we have here for their films and TV programmes”.

John said, “a few years ago WAAFs who served at Carew Cheriton in the Second World War returned for a visit and told us exactly how the rooms were furnished and decorated so we know our displays are as accurate as we can make them. No wonder film and TV crews want to use the museum as a set”.