Could Tavernspite be a “Thankful Village”

Prompted by a recent visit by Year 6 pupils from Tavernspite School, volunteer researchers at Carew Cheriton Control Tower have been trying to discover whether Tavernspite could lay claim be being only the second village in Wales that saw everyone who left to fight in two world wars return home. Tavernspite does not have its own war memorial and children from the Village School attend Remembrance Day Services held at nearby Narberth War Memorial. No record can be found of Tavernspite men being killed in either the First or Second World War. John Brock M.B.E., President of Carew Cheriton Control Tower Trust, told the children, “Ten men left my village of Milton to fight in the Second World War and only five came back alive so if everyone returned home safely in Tavernspite the village was most blessed”. He continued, “The Pembrokeshire village of Herbrandston was thought to be the only Welsh village to be classified as a ”Thankful Village”. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who can confirm whether or not Tavernspite was so blessed.”