“Evacuated” from Milford Haven

Dressed as World War II evacuees two Year 6 classes from Milford Haven Junior School recently arrived at Carew Cheriton Control Tower to learn more about World War Two.

In the week before the visit Spam had been on the school dinner menu as the children spent a day experiencing 1940’s life at the school. They were encouraged to discover what their own grandparents and great-grandparents did during the War as well as researching those from Milford Haven who lost their lives in the conflict.

Boys turned up at the Museum wearing shorts, long socks and cloth caps of the period. Girls wore their hair 1940’s style with curlers hidden under head scarves. Some brought Ration Books their families had used during the war and many were eager to share what they had discovered about family members with museum volunteers.

Following the visit to the Control Tower both classes paid their respects at the small war grave cemetery on the edge of the former World War II airfield. Fifteen airmen from six countries are buried in the cemetery but it was the graves of two Polish airmen that held a special poignancy for the children as they recalled the reason for Britain declaring war on Germany.