Templeton School say thank you with “Tin” helmets

Pupils of Templeton CP School along with their parents visited Carew Cheriton Control Tower recently to present Chairman, Deric Brock, with 20 replica “Tin” helmets they had purchased with money the children had raised by selling cakes they had baked and toast they had made.

The children, who had previously made an educational trip to the Control Tower as part of their history studies into what life was like during the Second World War, were keen say “Thank You” for making their trip so interesting and such fun.

Head Teacher, Mike Perkins, who made the formal presentation on behalf of the school congratulated teacher, Brenda Scourfield, for her initiative in introducing the Control Tower trip into the curriculum. He said the children had been studying their local airfield at Templeton and visiting the Control Tower had helped the children to better understand the role of RAF Templeton in the Second World War.

Commenting on the work carried out at Control Tower Museum, Mike Perkins, said it was all the more impressive when you realised that the work of restoring the buildings and providing guided tours to visiting groups and schools were carried out, not by paid workers, but by local volunteers.

Responding on behalf of the Carew Cheriton Control Tower Trust, Chairman, Deric Brock, said it was truly a community project that aimed to get everyone involved. He said “there were close links between the airfields at Carew Cheriton and Templeton and aircraft that sometimes could not land at one would land at the other. Learning about modern history can be more interesting to children than learning about the Romans and Normans because it is within living memories of members of their own families”.