Unveiling of Memorial to the American Armed Forces in Pembrokeshire during World War Two

The memorial to the American Armed Forces in Pembrokeshire during World War Two takes place on Tuesday 22nd October 2019.

The memorial is sited at Carew Cheriton Control Tower, Carew Airfield, Pembrokeshire SA70 8SX. The general public are welcome to attend and we request that you arrive no later than 10am, car parking is available.

Approximately three thousand GI’s were billeted in and around the Carew area who made many friends with the local population. There are members of the Carew Control Tower Group who have vivid memories of those times and one young lady remembers the dances that the Americans held. No doubt there were many a broken heart when they suddenly left never to return.

We’ve had in mind for the last two years that there should be a memorial erected to the memory of those young men, some of whom were still teenagers, who gave their lives for us. It is never too late to honour their sacrifice especially as we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of Operation Overlord. To honour those troops, we have erected a monument here at Carew Cheriton Control Tower from the people of Pembrokeshire and the whole of Wales.  A unique piece of granite weighing 2.5 tons has been sited adjacent to the memorial which honours the allied servicemen and women who were stationed at Carew during both World Wars.