The restoration programme has finally started at The Carew Cheriton Control Tower Project on their Avro Anson C19 aircraft which has been in storage since it was acquired in August 2005. The Anson has now been moved into the recently constructed hangar on the site enabling this specialist work to begin.
This restoration project is being lead by Gary Powell pictured on the right and being assisted in this photograph by group member Andrew Fieldhouse. Gary who served with the RAF as a technician, and over the years has been involved in aircraft restoration is looking forward to guiding the group members in this very interesting project.
The members would welcome anyone who would like to be involved with this engineering project, with the working party normally meeting on a Saturday morning between 9.30am – 12 noon.
For the enthusiast, this aircraft is a Avro Anson C19 serial number VM325 and was built in 1947 being a transport version of the airframe. The Avro Anson aircraft operated from RAF Carew Cheriton from the summer of 1939 with Coastal Command squadrons until November 1945 when in was the workhorse of 10 Radio School.