World War 2

It was in 1938 that construction started on the new airfield situated on the site of the First World War Royal Naval Air Station. The first unit to arrive was ‘B’ Flight of Number 1 [...]


The Control Tower

The control tower at former R.A.F. Carew Cheriton or to use the correct British terminology watch office has not been constructed to a set pattern. It is referred to in articles on the subject as [...]


Carew Airfield History

It was in April 1938 that the first steps were taken to acquire 600 acres of land to the south of Sageston and the A477 and the east of Carew Cheriton for the construction of a new airfield A [...]


World War 1

It was in August 1915 that the first steps were taken to establish the Royal Naval Air Station known as Milton and sometimes Pembroke. Two hundred and ninety eight acres were acquired to the [...]